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Reuilly - Loire Valley - France 

Christian Dyckerhoff has been farming in the Loire Valley for a long time and discovered viticulture with a wine making family in Alsace. 

His wife, Bénédicte, joined him in the early 2000's to create their family run estate in the Reuilly appelation of the Loire Valley.

They have joined the Terra Vitis label which is committed to sustainable processes and certifying the quality of the wines. 

The goal is to achieve healthy and genuine wines allowing the full expression of the terroirs.

3 Targets:

- Preserving wildlife: observing pests in order to avoid abusive treatments.‚Äč

- Preserving flora: plots sodding, grass cover.

- Preserving vines landscapes: ensuring long-term viability of paths, banks, hedges, and water points. Preserving and respecting the natural estate's outskirts, stone bunds and woods.

Reuilly Blanc

 100% Sauvignon Blanc