A Magnum is more than a party in a bottle.

Many people are only familiar with magnums of champagne or sparkling wine,
which often appear at special occasions, like a wedding or New Year's Eve
But, magnums are not restricted to just sparkling celebration wines.
Producers who are serious about making wines to age understand that with more
wine in the bottle and less space between the wine and cork, there is
proportionately less air in the bottle.  Air will cause wine to age or oxidize more 


quickly.  So, wine in a magnum will oxidize approximately one and a half to two times slower than in a regular bottle.   Magnums are ideal for ageing and maturing wine and often the wines will  develop greater nuances and more complex flavors than wines in the traditional  750ml bottle.   When you see a a winemaker producing magnums, you know they are bringing their very best representation of both a particular vineyard and vintage.


So, while we can make our case that bigger is better with science and logic, there is still something about a magnum which shouts "celebration."   Magnums impress and demonstrate you take hospitality, generosity and conviviality, as well as WINE, seriously.  With wine, BIGGER IS BETTER!
DellaVino Imports now has several vintages from both Crissante Alessandria and Vivera Winery available in Magnums.   Check with us at info@dellavino.com